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The College Ystrad Mynach Principal steps down

After 40 years devoted to the education industry, Principal Bryn Davies at The College Ystrad Mynach has retired, while The College merges with Coleg Morgannwg to become Coleg y Cymoedd.

Mr Davies has been at the helm of The College Ystrad Mynach for nearly 16 years, where he has taken charge of over 500 staff and more than 13,000 students, and has stepped down following the college’s merger with Coleg Morgannwg.

Having initially arrived at The College Ystrad Mynach in 1997, Mr Davies has driven a complete revamp of the college, including overseeing a £7 million investment into community learning and the opening of five new campuses – including Blackwood, Tredomen and Bargoed – with student numbers trebling.

Born in London, his first teaching job at Davidson Road School in Croydon in the 1960s, saw him helping pupils with remedial maths and English, and he has dedicated his life to teaching since, with an impressive background of various teaching jobs all over the country. 

Having previously taught at Stevenage College in Edinburgh and Brooklands College in Surrey, he joined Basingstoke College in 1979 as a head of section, where he ran classes on writing computer applications, eventually overseeing the first purchase of computers for the college. 

He continued to implement his community work in the 1980’s when he took up a post in Chichester College, bringing in £995,000 worth of commercial contracts, resulting in helping hundreds of people into jobs through training, before  joining  Somerset College of  Arts and Technology.

It is this commitment to community and teaching that has made his career so successful.

As four decades of teaching comes to an end, 66 year old Bryn Davies will now look forward to the future, in particular his involvement with the UFI charitable trust board and spending time with family.

The UFI Charitable trust is a charity aimed at providing funding for initiatives to improve the accessibility and delivery of adult learning.

News of Bryn Davies’ retirement comes as an end of an era for both him and the college.

The College Ystrad Mynach is to merge with Coleg Morgannwg at the end of the academic year to create Coleg y Cymoedd, meaning College of the Valleys.

Former Principal of The College Ystrad Mynach, Bryn Davies said:

“I will look back at my time at The College Ystrad Mynach with absolute fondness. 

“I have had a fantastic 40 year teaching career, in which I’ve met all different kinds of brilliant people, both teachers, students and beyond.

“My contribution towards education will not end here, as I’ll now look to focus on adult access to education in South Wales. 

“I hope the new college goes from strength to strength, and I’ll certainly keep track of its success, but most of all I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family.”

Bryn Davies

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Coleg y Cymoedd Principal Announcement

Judith Evans has been named as the Principal and Chief Executive of Coleg y Cymoedd.  The College (which means College of the Valleys) will come into being on 1st August 2013, when The College, Ystrad Mynach and Coleg Morgannwg merge. 

Mrs. Evans, an education specialist for more than 30 years, and who has been leading Coleg Morgannwg since 2008, said: “This is an exciting time for the colleges, and we are looking forward to working effectively together for the benefit of learners in the areas of Caerphilly and Rhondda Cynon Taf. 

“In a true merger of equals, we will work together to ensure that we implement the best practice to be found in both colleges.  We will be much stronger financially which will enable us to shape and influence the future of education in key areas of Wales. Our job now is to ensure that we meet the needs of the learners, business and the communities we serve.”

Bryn Davies who has led The College, Ystrad Mynach for 11 years, said: “I am enormously proud of my staff, and a merger of equals with Coleg Morgannwg will ensure that they continue to deliver a professional and focused service to the learners. I am leaving the college in safe hands and I wish Judith and the management team every success in the future.”

Coleg y CymoeddAfter a consultation involving students, staff and governors, the new branding and logo, for Coleg y Cymoedd was announced today. 

The logo was supported by 60% of the 1000+ respondents and based on the design concept of five ‘spires,’ representing the five campuses  working alongside each other, that curve into a ‘C’ shape, representing ‘Coleg’ and ‘Cymoedd’.

The logo embodies forward movement with positive and dynamic energy; a symbol of advancement and progression both personal and educational, as individuals and as a group. It was designed by South Wales firm Savage and Gray Design.


The merged College will have more than 20,000 learners, 1,000 staff and a turnover of £42 million. 

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Name announced for new college


Name announced for new College

South Wales’ newest further education college has been named after consultation with stakeholders.

Coleg Morgannwg and The College Ystrad Mynach will merge to form Coleg Y Cymoedd, meaning College of the Valleys, by August 2013.

The governing bodies from both organisations have been in talks since summer 2011 to bring together the two institutions to form one of the largest colleges in Wales, serving more than 25,000 learners.

The new name has been approved by the governing bodies of both institutions and the Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews.

In a joint statement, the Principal of Coleg Morgannwg, Judith Evans and Principal of The College Ystrad Mynach, Bryn Davies, said: “The name of the new college truly reflects the wide area it will serve as well as the long-standing heritage both institutions have across the south Wales Valleys in what is a merger of colleges of equal size, strength and quality”.

“Now that a name has been selected, staff, governors and stakeholders from both colleges will be working together to ensure we offer a truly exceptional educational experience for all students when the doors of Coleg Y Cymoedd open in September.”

All educational provision across the new college’s five campuses will remain available from September 2013, providing one of the widest ranges of subject choices in Wales for learners. 

A communication plan is in place to keep Staff, unions and students informed about developments.

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