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The College Ystrad Mynach going green with rent-a-bike scheme


THE College Ystrad Mynach has launched a new rent-a-bike scheme, encouraging staff to their swap cars for bicycles, on the journey to work.

The scheme, funded by the South East Wales Travel Alliance (SEWTA),offers staff members the chance to rent a top-quality bike for free, to help the environment and to boost their health. 

The selection of bikes – which includes hybrid racing bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and even a tandem – is managed by students of the college.

It gives them the chance to build on their business and communication skills, and also forms the Unit of Cycle module, part of the Foundation Welsh Baccalaureate course.

There are currently 12 students working on the scheme – providing maintenance, cleaning and servicing of the bikes, as well as customer service to staff members.  

Adam Payne, a student from Lansbury Park in Caerphilly, who is taking part in the scheme, said:

“The course has given us the opportunity to work together as a team, and hopefully it will help with our employment prospects in the future.”

Bill Hunt, The College Ystrad Mynach’s Project Organiser, added:

“We want to get staff members out of their cars and onto their bikes. It’s good for the environment, their health, and the students are benefiting from the skills they’re learning from the scheme.

“Not only are they learning about servicing the bikes themselves, but they have the opportunity to market the scheme by producing posters and leaflets.

“They also get the opportunity to test the bicycles by going on long rides through the countryside. Although, I’m sure we’ll get far more volunteers for testing in the spring and summer!”

Bryn Davies, Principal of The College Ystrad Mynach, said:

“We’re a progressive college, always looking for ways in which we can improve the environment and ‘get greener’.

“This scheme allows us to fulfil those objectives, while also helping students to build their skill-sets, enhancing their employability prospects after completing their studies at the college.”

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