The History of The College Ystrad Mynach

1959 - The College Ystrad Mynach was officially opened in September 1959 with 150 students and 15 full time members of staff.  The first principal Glyn Sumption joined the college from the Bargoed School of Mining.

1971 - The first principal of the college, Glyn Sumption left to be replaced by Cynon Parry

1985 - Principal Cynon Parry retired to be replaced by Don Brooks

1991 - Welsh School of Musical Instrument making and repair in Abertridwr closed

1993 - Colleges became independent of the local authorities.  This meant they were now responsible for their own finance, set their own strategy and vision for the future and able to employ their own staff.

1997 -  Business Development Unit was opened as a contact for local employers and to provide training and development to their staff and apprentices.

1997 -  Current principal Bryn Davies took over from Don Brooks

1998 - The College Rhymney opened

1999 - The College @ Blackwood opened flexible IT training in Blackwood town centre

2001 - The College @ Caerphilly opened providing flexible IT training in Caerphilly town centre

2001 - The College @ Tredomen opened as a dedicated to providing training to employers

2003 - The College @ Bargoed opened flexible IT training in Bargoed town centre

2004 - Strategic decision taken to actively seek international students

2007 - The Webb review was launched.  The most thorough review of post 16 education in Wales.

2011 - The College Ystrad Mynach currently has six academic faculties and over 12,000 students studying at The College Ystrad Mynach, Rhymney, Bargoed, Blackwood and Tredomen plus community venues throughout the Caerphilly County Borough.  The current principal is Bryn Davies and is supported by over 500 academic and support staff


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